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Monday, 10 November 2014

[Sherlock] Season 1 Episode 3 The Great Game (Part Two)--"I gave you my number, I thought you might call..."

What?! You said that you remember this guy??? Shh...don't spit it out loudly...

As soon as the first puzzle was solved, the second one showed up.

The hostage this time,
he was also wrapped by bombs.

The second case was about a man faking a car accident and his own death escaping to Columbia to avoid imprisonment. Sorry I'm not able to tell about more of the details, or this article would be too long again.

Sherlock also successfully solved this case and set the hostage free, then the third puzzle arrived.......

The third picture showed a woman
This time the hostage was an old lady,
which showed that the criminal was so cruel that
he didn't even let go of the elders......

The conversation between Sherlock and the old lady (I'm so glad that the hostage didn't sob this time...):
Sherlock: Hello?
Old Lady: This a bit...defective...sorry. She's blind. This is...a funny one. I'll give you...12 hours. (gasps)
Sherlock: Why are you doing this? 
Old Lady: I watch (gasps)
(The call ends)
(Well, she gasped twice, but that was totally okay with me compared to the "sobs" LOL.)

Because the lady was blind, she couldn't read the pager like those hostages before, but hearing the instructions directly from the criminal, which means she was the only one who knew the voice of the convict. And this lead to a totally different result......

John recognized the woman on the picture was a famous hostess of a makeover show, she was reported to have been dead two days ago.

According to one of the dead woman's staff, she cut her hand on a rusty nail in the garden and got infected by fatal tetanus bacteria which lead to her death.

However, Sherlock thought it couldn't be what it appeared to be, or the bomber wouldn't send this as a puzzle.

After cautiously inspecting the deceased, Sherlock found some suspicious points. First, the bacteria must have been incubating inside her for 8~10 days according to John, nonetheless, the wound was very fresh. Second, such deep cuts would have bled a lot, but those on the corpse were very clean. These lead to one conclusion: The wound was made later, after the woman was dead.


Sherlock was smiling cauz he felt very excited......
In order to understand how the bacteria entered the dead woman's system, Sherlock sent John to collect data of her background. Meanwhile, Lestrade was restless, he couldn't cope why the bomber was so "kind" to point up that the woman's death was unusual.

John pretended to be a journalist and had an interview with the dead woman's brother, but I had to say that he didn't find anything really useful, you will see later that Sherlock still cracked the case on his own......that was the editor's fault! POOR JOHN......

After having a call with "Home Secretary" (probably through Mycroft) and checking the makeover show's fan site, Sherlock seemed to have been onto something.

As it turned out, second autopsy showed that it was botulinum toxin which killed the woman. Sherlock made contact with the Home Office to get the complete records of the dead woman's houseboy's Internet purchases, he was ordering a suspicious amount of Botox. The truth is, he killed the woman by giving her vital amount of Botox when doing the facial injection.

Besides, the fan site Sherlock visited also suggested that the brother of the dead woman didn't go well with her, but having an affair with their houseboy. So it's rational to assume that the houseboy killed the woman for the brother, and they planned to share the heritage.

Something really unfortunate happened. Being the only who had heard the voice of the bomber, the old lady tried to describe it to Sherlock, then the bomb exploded in no time, regardless that Sherlock had solved the puzzle. The tragic took away 12 people's lives in a total.

"Sherlock, actual human lives! Just so I know, do you care about that at all?"
"Will caring about them help save them?"
"Then I'll continue not to make that mistake."

While 12 innocent people died because of this "game", Sherlock still seemed indifferent. John couldn't stand it anymore with Sherlock being so cold blooded, however, Sherlock thought that caring was a "mistake" since it couldn't help save people's lives, which totally disappointed John.

The fourth puzzle was about a security guard of a museum being killed because he found the "rediscovered masterpiece of Vermeer" a fake. Being an amateur astronomer, the man figured out the lie by finding a supernova discovered in 1858 appearing on a so-called 1640 painting. 

The same reason, sadly I can't talk about the details, but I can tell you that the deduction was so extraordinary that it is my favorite one of the four puzzles, but it was just too long.......

One participant of the crime gave out the name of their master: MORIATY. (remember this name? He was also the sponsor of the crazy taxi driver killer in the first episode) Sherlock seemed to be thrilled to hear the name......

Stupid Sherlock planned a secret meeting with the bomber--Moriaty when John was out. THE POOL. MIDNIGHT. Let's see what happened then, it's the best and most intensive part of the episode!!!!!!

Remember him now? Yes, Molly's new boyfriend was actually Jim Moriaty, the cleverest and cruelest criminal mastermind of the world. Moriaty pretended to be gay just to test if Sherlock was that good.

"I gave you my number, I thought you might call~~  <3"
Moriaty was the coolest and cutest villain ever!!!!! Ahhhh love him~~~

"That, er...thing that you...that you did, that, offered to do...that was, um...good."
Sherlock was soooo adorable as well~ XD He tried to thank John, but getting embarrassed and starting to stammer......Remember how he talked usually? XD After all, Sherlock wasn't that cold blooded, he cared about John much, much more than anyone else. :)

With his and John's lives at stake, how could Sherlock end the crisis? Let's find out the answer in the next episode, see you next time~~~



  1. I'm eager to know what happens next!! O口O

    1. Yeah the ending was so critical all the fans wanted to know what happened next!!
      But we waited for TWO YEARS to know about it QQ
      The only flaw of this series is that it took too long to shoot a new series....(part of the reason is the actors didn't have time, the other is that this was indeed an elaborate show needed lots of time being produced)

  2. "Sherlock wasn't that cold blooded, he cared about John much, much more than anyone else. :)"
    The sentence shows the (love) affection between John and Sherlock. XDDDDD
    Although Sherlock seems to be indifferent to people's life, he values his important friends a lot. I think that is the reason why (some girl) audience love this role. XDD

    BTW, the gay is the cruelest criminal??????? I can't believe it!!!! He looks like a supporting role. 0.0

    1. Yeah Sherlock and John's the best couple...roommate ever~~
      You're right, they had built a successful personality for Sherlock that made the role attractive (in a strange way XD), besides, I guess lots of female audience love Sherlock for his childishness XDD, it's really interesting to see a genius behave like a 6-year-old LOL
      At first I also thought the gay was just an NPC(路人甲) XDD, however, Moriaty had become one of my favorite characters! He was brutal but humorous in a crazy way, you can see that from his dramatic speech and expressions XD

  3. Moriarty is so smart and usually makes Holmes get in dilemmas ><

    1. I guess it won't be that interesting if the bad guy doesn't get the same intelligence as the good guy in any story. XD